Saturday, August 2, 2008

Im Back!

We got back from our Missions Trip to the Bahamas last night. The trip was amazing!!!! We got to work with a lot of children and show them the love of Jesus. It was REALLY awesome.  God worked in my life this past week in so many ways. I will share a few with you.  First of all He showed me how important it is to show young students that life in America is not the only way people are living.  Since I am going to be a mom I am going to show Emma that God made so many different people and He loves each of them the same. We are all the same!  The second thing I learned this week was that telling people about Jesus really isn't that hard!  I think in America, we just assume people know who God is. Yes a lot of people here are religious , but it's not about religion it's about a relationship with the Creator of the Universe!  And last but not least God showed me that we as Americans are SO blessed. Maybe even too blessed. We walked through the town and talked to people about God. And we ran into so many people who lived in SMALL shacks, no AC, bugs everywhere and garbage all around their home.  They had no joy in life.  BUT some did have joy, because they had a relationship with God and they were doing their best to survive and live.  One quick story.....on one of the days I was looking out my window and I saw a man across the street going through the garbage. He was pulling food out and putting it in a box. I just started to bawl.  I know there are homeless people out in the world, but to see a person that God made struggle to find food, it really torn me apart.  So I went back to my room and brought my roomies out to see. We all grabbed the food in our room and walked down to the man.  As we were walking towards him, I could smell the garbage and it made me gag.  We handed him the food and tried to talk to him, but he couldn't really talk well.  I know food is a necessity in life, but what this man really needed was a relationship with God.  And it was so hard because he couldn't understand what we were saying.  

  I have so many more stories, but I thought I would share the one that stuck out the most.  Be thankful for food, a car, a nice home and your family.   Enjoy the pics!

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Melissa said...

I'm so glad to have you back but I'm even more glad that you guys all had a safe and positive trip! It sounds like you and the students all really enjoyed what God was teaching you all. I prayed for you guys each time I remembered to and again so glad you're back!