Friday, August 22, 2008


 I love my dog very much so I thought I would brag about her a little and put a few pics up!  Her full name is Lola De Mayo Elkins. De Mayo, because we got her on Cinco De Mayo! And we needed a middle name. She is a beagle at heart. Loves sniffing and hunting lizards in trees.  She loves kids and going to the dog park. She is VERY cuddly and will lick anybody that comes in contact with her(especially boys).  But she is my little best friend and I just love her! Hopefully she will love Emma!


Melissa said...

Tell Lola that Toby says "Hey good lookin'!"

Kade and Elisa Clark said...

Hey Michelle i have not seen you in forever! Congrats on the baby and the room is adorable!