Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trying to be patient!

Ok, so I am really ready for Emma to come! I swear I see babies EVERYWHERE! STARING at me! AH!  Each day is going S.L.O.W!  I still have a month, over a month until my due date!  BUT my original due date WAS Nov. 24th! So Im crossing my fingers that Emma comes end of this month/early December!  Again, "crossing my fingers."  But I am really going nuts!  I am just so ready to meet this little girl! 


Haley said...

I will pray she comes early, I cant wait either! February cant come soon enough!!!!

The Emerys said...

Oh my gosh I totally know how you feel. I swear that last month feels like a year. Hopefully she will come early. But they always have a way of coming when they want to. Paxton came 8 days late. Lucky me! It was brutal I am so impatient. But time flys like you cant believe after they are born.

Melissa said...

She will be here soon enough! Enjoy being pregnant...you wanted that sooooo bad! Not too much longer!!