Monday, December 22, 2008


Emma and her lamb hat that Drams (grandma) got her

So Drams and Big Poppy(Grandpa) took Emma to see Santa at the mall here in Lake Mary.  Drams even bought Emma a cute little Christmas dress that actually fit her!  She slept the entire time though.  And this Santa looks so stinking REAL!  He's 100% all natural also!  Belly and all!  I guess it can pay to be fat because some mall Santas make $60,000 just for the season!  CRAZY!  


Melissa said...

too stinkn' cute!!!

The Emerys said...

Hey Michelle Emma is so stinkin cute but I was wondering where you live in Florida. Brandon and I are going to be in Florida on the 16th. And if you live close or we had any extra time it would be great to see you.