Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing too exciting

Not a lot has happened lately.  Emma is smiling a lot now so that is really fun.  She went to nursery for her first time yesterday at church for about 30 minuets, she was the only girl in there!  It was weird not having her with me, but I managed.  

Mike and I are hoping to make it out to Utah in April.  My family has not seen Emma yet.  To make a long story short, my mom has had a lot of health problems that has caused her to stay in Utah.  So, we are crossing our fingers that we can go out in April.  If we do go out it's going to be a special visit because 1) We have Emma now and 2) I will be meeting my biological mom for the first time!  That is going to be a moment that I probably won't be able to explain.  I am still amazed that my dad found her for me.  AJ(my bio mom) and I probably talk every other week.  Basically we talk about the weather, Emma, my family or my dogs.  I have a greater respect for her now since I had Emma.  I couldn't imagine giving up Emma at birth.  But AJ knew it was best for both of us and it was!!! God knew what was best for us both.   So, it's going to be an emotional visit I think.  

Well. if anything exciting takes place....I'll write! 

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Cory & Megan said...

ok i am dying for you to come out here! i seriously can not wait to meet emma and for you to meet luke! oh and lunch with ashlee today was SO fun - we totally have to get together while you're here!