Sunday, February 15, 2009

Emma will be 3 months old this week! I can't believe how fast she has grown already!  She is such a good baby and loves to smile at everyone!  It's so great how nice people are to you when you have a baby, even the most ghetto person will crack a smile at you when you are hold ing a baby!  It's great!  

Last week Michael's favorite grandma passed away.  Roberta Jane Klingensmith.  We named Emma after her. Emma Jane Elkins.  She was a such a Godly women who loved God with all her heart.  So we flew to Michigan on Monday and returned on Thursday. Even though it was a sad time it was great to see family and friends. The night she passed away all should could talk about was Emma and how much she wanted to meet her and buy her a Valentines Dress.  Even though she wasn't able to see Emma, they will meet someday in Heaven.  We all wore something blue at the funeral because it was her favorite color.  


Mandi said...

yes, babies do typically get blanket approval from everyone! it's pretty amazing! and, yes, despite the crumby circumstances, it was really great to get to spend time you guys too! give kisses to emma for me!

Melissa said...

That pic is precious! She's so adorable!