Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life itself

So I have been listening to a book called "Crazy Love" on audio books on the itunes.  I LOVE listening and not reading, is that just being lazy?  It's very convenient when you have a little kid because when they are just playing on the floor with their toys you can listen to the book.  Anyways....this book has really got me thinking about life and who God really is.  I think we all forget that God is the one who put each and every star in place, EACH STAR. I didn't just happen.  That some God created me. He even knew me before I was born.  That right there blows my mind!  I have never thought about the small abilities God has given me like laughter.  I love laughing with friends and family to the point where your stomac hurts.  God gave us laughter!  A lot of people have this mindset that God is out to punish us with lightening bolts.  He is far from that.  He is a God of love and mercy.  Without Him there would be no us.  But just like a parent disciples their child, God does the same with his children because He wants what is best for us.  I could go on and on about what this book has taught me so far but it would take this entire page up!  But I thought I would share a few things!  


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The Emerys said...

I know listening to a book on the Ipod is so nice. I put books on my Ipod when we went on our vacation it made laying out really nice. I am so excited that you are coming for sure! We have to plan a little play date even though Paxton is so much bigger than your two!