Thursday, March 5, 2009

March already?!

I really can't believe it's March already and that Emma will be 4 months! She is getting so big and her personality cracks me up. She is trying with all her might to roll from her back to her tummy but no success yet. She gets really frustrated when she is sleeping and wants to be on her tummy. I have been rolling her onto her tummy for her to relieve her from her own frustration. I think she will be rolling over pretty soon. My new favorite baby item is the "sleep sack." It's basically a blanket they can wear so that the don't have to sleep with blankets, it's FANTASTIC!!!


Mandi said...

i LOVE the sleepsack! it is the best thing. i wish they made them for adults! i would absolutely wear them. love you!

Melissa said...

i love that little pic of her! she looks like she's up to something! i can't wait to meet her!