Saturday, April 4, 2009

Emma the Happy One

Emma for the most part is a happy little baby. She will smile at almost anyone! I hope this carries on into her toddler stage and even as she gets older. I hope that as she watches her daddy and I, that she sees the love of Christ in our lives and that we live our lives for Him.

Today Mike and I had our first garage sale. I honestly did not know how to have one! Never really had any growing up. I didn't even price the items, I just told the people how much things were. (well Mike told them, I was too scared!) We started at about 7:30 am and ended around Noon. We made about $160! Not bad! Across the street from us there was a HUGE garage sale going on. Apparently the family has a 14 year old daughter who needs spinal surgery and it costs $4,000. Mike and I decided to stop selling at Noon and donate the rest of our items to the family. The lady cried when Mike dropped off some of our things and he talked to her for awhile. Mike came home and told me and we decided that our youth group, Crave, at our church should help out! So we are going to start collecting items every Wednesday and donate it to their garage sale. They will be having a garage sale every Saturday until they raise $4,000. So far they have $1,000. I think it's so important to help those in need. If you read the bible, that is what Jesus was all about! So I encourage you this week to look for those who are in need and help out in any way that you can.


Mandi said...

you guys are AWESOME and your darling emma is BEAUTIFUL! i miss you all!

TPC Life Groups said...

i love what you both did and am very very proud of you. yes, emma is adorable and i love the headbands. they are funky yeat adorable. i think you've stumbled on a real money maker. are you taking orders for them?
Love you guys!