Thursday, June 18, 2009

7 months

Where has time gone? I remember writing about how I was 7 months pregnant with Emma, now I am writing about what she is doing at 7 months! WILD! She is just growing up too fast!! I love being her mommy and helping her on a daily basis. Here is a list of my FAVORITE things Emma Jane does lately....
1. When I come in to wake her up in the morning or if she is already awake, she smiles at me. *MELT ANYONES HEART!
2. When I am holding her she will play with my hair...not pulling, actually running her fingers through my hair. Too cute.
3. When Oscar gives her a kiss she makes a really funny face. She even does the face if he walks past her. I guess she just assumes she will be getting a kiss from him.
4. Her Johnny Jumper is her new best friend. Pretty sure she could bounce in that thing all day long.

I never thought I could love someone so much. Well, besides my amazing husband. It reminds me of the love that God has for us, his children. And how much more He loves us. So hard to wrap my mind around that idea of much He loves everyone.

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Amie Christine said...

I told you she'd love that johnny jump up!!! HAHA!!!

I can't wait to have this with Avery! :)