Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, in a week and a half my little family and I will become Michiganders!  SO EXCITED!  I love Michigan and the people there!(especially family).  We have been praying about this move for over 6 months and we feel that this is what we need to do. Plus we hate Florida! WAY too hot and it's just not us!  We are excited to experience "seasons" again! 
So tonight will be the last time working with the Crave students at Palmetto, so it's going to be sad!  But we know that God will work in those students lives even when we are gone.  
Our town home is for sale and we still have a offer pending.  To make a long story short, IT'S TAKING FOREVER!  So we just hope it sales ASAP.  So this week and next I will be packing like CrAzY!  Thankfully Emma and I are flying to Michigan so we will not have to deal with the LONG car ride.  
Thanks to all who have supported us with this!  Some people just don't understand our desire to be in Michigan and they think we are CRAZY for moving.  But sometimes God asks you to do some CRAZY things! 

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Jen said...

Wow! That is a big move...good luck with everything!