Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun weekend

What a fun weekend it has been.  We kicked off the fun on Saturday with the Michigan vs. Western game. Haley and I made a 7 layer bean dip which turned out amazing! Nothing like a glass of Diet Coke and some 7 layer bean dip!

On Sunday our church had a large picnic at the church property.  We called it Party on the Property.  We also had the new name launch for the church.  It is now called The Connection Church.  I seriously love our church so much.  Everyone is so real and kind.  The picture above is one of the bands leading music outside. The drummer is only 14 years old and he is amazing! 

Sunday night we went to the Hutchins going away party.  Michael and Mandi Hutchins (my husband's sister) are moving to Germany for 9 months.  We drove to Ohio for the going away party and it was so much fun!  So many cousins on this side of the family.  Emma had a blast playing with all of the kids.  It really makes me want to have a large family!  

Today we are relaxing around the house and later today I am going to make my ice cream cake for tonight! Mmmmm Mmmmm


Mandy said...

I need your ice cream cake recipe! Unless it's top secret!

alibrough said...

Love hearing your update Mich! And LOVE the matching family outfits. Glad to hear you are safe and sound in your new homeland. Is this a new church or the same one from when you lived there before?? Hope this finds you well : )


Michael Elkins said...

Well we have never lived in Michigan before. We did live in Missouri so I think that is what you are thinking about....