Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's not about us

If you have never been to another country to help others I encourage you to do it. We are hoping to go this summer to the Bahamas again. I know that when you hear "bahamas" you think VACATION! Well the Bahamas is a very poor place actually. We went there 2 summers ago and it was a life changing experience. It made me really thankful for what I have here in America. Yesterday I happened to come across the Bahamas pictures from that summer and it put my mind and heart back on track about why we celebrate Christmas. So many people in the Bahamas this year and across the world are living in shacks with no food or water. Christmas time is not a fun time for a lot of them, especially parents who can't get their children gifts. It breaks my heart in so many ways. But gifts are not what Christmas is about. It's about our wonderful Savior. Jesus.

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~Lindsay~ said...

Amen sista!! that's exciting! I hope that ya'll get to go back! Maybe some day ya'll can come to Nicaragua while I am there! I would love that! Wish I could go to the Bahamas with you too! Miss you!