Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Biggest Loser

I love this show.
I wish Jillian was my trainer. I do one of her workouts once a week and she is rough even on T.V. Wonder what she is like in real life? Yikes.
Living healthy isn't easy, but I sure feel good when I do!
14 pounds to go!


alibrough said...

I am so opposite. I would be a Bob person. If someone screamed at me while I was working out, I would just leave. I work out better with gentle encouragement. You are right though. Living healthy is hard. And teaching kids to live healthy is even harder!

Erin said...

I love Jillian, I have a shirt that says so. I wish she was here with me right now to help me put down the sweet tea I'm drinking. If only she was my trainer I would have lost that 70 pounds I gained during pregnancy already. I heart her. A lot.

Jen said...

I cry this show is so good! I think Jillian would kill me though! I'm with ya on the ten pounds thing...dang baby weight!

jkandalana said...

Do you have a DVD of hers? After this baby I am determined to get in actually "Shape" that looks nice, feels nice, and I like...I want to feel good! I love how she said on Leno that she likes chocolate and least she's human :)