Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apples and Tutu's

Emma Jane LOVES apples and her tutu. Every morning after breakfast she pulls her tutu out from her dresser cabinet and brings it to me.
I think I need a tutu!


Mandi said...

i miss her so much...i LOVE the tutu always and i'm so glad that she likes to eat apples...ezra is not a fan...he'll eat bananas and applesauce and i'm thinking of getting him to give kiwi a try here soon...just found out they're loaded with vitamin c. 2 of them give you your daily allowance, baby! and they're only 15 cents a piece here in germany! woo hoo!

Erin said...

Penelope tries to get me to dress her in a tutu every day. Emma is getting so big and I've never even met her.