Monday, March 1, 2010


March 2009

March 2010
(actually, it was taken yesterday, but it's close enough!)
I can't believe how much she has changed.
Glad she is getting hair....finally

This month is going to be a FANTASTIC month.
We finally get to move to our own place.
I dream about our new place

Well, heres to March!


Mandi said... you know exactly where you are moving now? just curious...would love to see some pics as soon as you have them! love you and am just so excited for you and michael and emma jane!

McCall said...

yay new place! post pics! i'm so excited for you.

Michael and Michelle said...

We move out end of the month. Def be posting some pics once we get in!

Haley said...

wow, what a change! I just love Emma Jane, she is sooo adorable! I had SOOOO much fun playing with her yesterday!!

Jen said...

Happy March, can't wait to see house pictures!

Erin said...

Hair is awesome. I felt the same way you did and now look Penelope has long and thick hair! :)

willson said...

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