Monday, March 8, 2010


This man is making a difference in our world. Check it out here.
When you buy TOMS shoes a child who isn't able to buy shoes gets a pair as well!
I am thinking of getting these shoes for spring/summer.
It's worth it.


Mandi said...

i have a pair of tom's shoes and i decorated them myself! the youth group at crossroads (in which i was a leader for a short time) had a tom's shoes party. the kids were challenged to raise the money to buy a pair of their own shoes (thus providing nearly 100 shoes to kids across the world) and then we had a tom's shoes decorating party with the youth group -- music, food, decorating, was A LOT of fun and my shoes are very unique. something you and michael might consider for connections youth!

Michael and Michelle said...

Great idea!!! do you wear them?

willson said...
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