Saturday, April 24, 2010


i have been daydreaming about our summer vacation.

i captured a HUGE bee in our window. well i trapped it in the window. and now it's stuck. sad, but rather have it in the window then my house.

i respect single moms more. Mike has been in LA for a few days at a conference, and there have been some hard times. (example, the bee) and i almost forgot to take the garbage to the curb. i ran out there in my pj's and toothbrush in my mouth while dragging the trash can. lovely. lets hope the neighbors didn't see it. i just met them!

i hate all our dandy lions in our back yard. trying to think of ways i can destroy them.

i am thrilled that "Betty" our Beta fish is alive still. We had some issues with the other fish and they died. Betty is a strong one! i like to eat my lunch and watch her swim, not float.

emma is more curious then ever. i have to watch her more then ever. who knew someone so little could destroy, climb and get into the craziest things in a matter of seconds?

i have been watching this video a lot and laughing. adoption is something we will do someday.


Cory & Megan said...

i love it! what is your summer vacation you are daydreaming about? and i love betty the beta! so cute.

JoolieM said...

There`s an amazing older lady around the corner from me, I`m not sure how old she is but she recently said she went to her youngest sisters 80th birthday. She is so sprightly, and healthy and I often wonder what her secret is.
A group of us went to visit her garden and she was telling us that when she was a girl her family ate very simply and in fact they often ate dandelions as their greens!
I have since tried some, and the young leaves are quite palatable. My kids ate them in a mixed salad and didn`t seem to notice. Apparently they are highly nutritious and have a favorable effect on the liver.

:) JoolieM