Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer is here....kinda

This past weekend summer decided to show up. The weather has been amazing since. I love it.
Emma was in a boutique fashion show on Saturday. I sell my lovely things at this cute little boutique in Three Rivers. You can go here to see some of the things I sell.

One way that I know summer is around the corner in SEASON FINALE time on T.V. It's bitter sweet. The other night I asked Mike to tell me his top 3 shows of this season, and I gave mine. Here they are....drum roll please
#3 Parks and Rec
#2 30 Rock and The Middle are tied
#1 Modern Family

I started watching GLEE in the middle of the season, and fell in love. So you will probably see GLEE on my top 3 next time around. Another great show was Cougar Town. Thought it was going to be lame, but it was actually really good. But nothing will top Modern Family.

There is ONE show that I look forward to every summer and that is WIPE OUT!!!!!!!!!!! If you have never watched this show go here and watch a little.

What were your favorite shows of this season?????


Amie Christine said...

LOVE WIPEOUT!!! It's our Youth Group FAVE!!! HAHA! Love that it's in the summer because all of our kids come over every Wednesday night after church and chick fil a and die laughing watching it!!! :)

BusyB said...

I am going with Whipe out also!!!! Its the only time I have my girls up past bed time and wow we get a kick out of it!!!