Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday morning

This was me this morning. I woke up earlier then usual on a Sunday. 7:15am. I know EARLY HUH? I got ready really fast though. Not sure why, it was just one of those mornings. I was ready for church by 8am. Church starts at 10. I got Emma up, fed her and got her ready by 8:30(ish) What do I do for an hour???????? Let's just say Emma tried on a lot of outfits for fun this morning. It was fun. I vacuumed too. Which I NEVER do on a Sunday but it was just staring at me. (only vacuumed our room....) I came to a conclusion through this hour of spare time. Every Sunday should be like this before church. Calm. Ready to go. Not rushed. I hate the feeling of being rushed, especially on Sundays. Your mind, body and soul should be READY for church. I know I was this morning, and it felt good!!!
So here's to getting ready for church an hour early!

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Ash said...

oh gosh, going to church calm and not rushing, what a wonderful thought. it seems that i don't get to do that enough and the frame of mind that one goes into church with is so important. if stressed when you go into church the less you will get out of it. i will have to keep that in mind, as i work on making my life less stressed. it's a good thought and way to go about things : )