Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First time for everything

Damage done to Dora. She deserves it since she YELLS all the time.

Last night was my first experience with toddler vomiting. EVERYWHERE. It was so sad. I really hated seeing Emma sick.

A few things were going through my head late last night.....

1- If they don't understand the concept of using a garbage can, just let them go on you. They are so afraid of what is happening. I changed my shirt probably 10 times last night.
2- buy a steam cleaner NOW. We have one and it worked wonders last night. SO glad we have one.
3- Ok, time for the spiritual side of this. I wanted to take Emma's pain and fear away from her SO bad. But I couldn't. It reminded me of when Jesus was on the cross for us and how much his mother wanted to take that pain away from her Son. Just shows us how much God loves us. Sending his only Son for us.

So even though it was a LONG night. In the end I learned a lot as a mom.

Let's hope this doesn't happen for at least a few more years?

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Mandi said...

wonderful observations! i can particularly identify with the one about just let them puke where ever. when ezra was puking on the plane, he was freaked out when i was trying to put the paper bag in front of his face...poor guy. they are so stinkin' confused i just feel so bad.

and totally feel you on having some idea of what mary must have gone through. i can't even begin to imgaine.....makes me understand how people can start worshiping her...lol!