Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have been working on a few lovely's. You can find them HERE
Been to a few pumpkin patches. Emma loves pumpkins.
A lady bug landed on her and she was pretty excited about it.
I will post a pic of our porch when I finish decorating it.

I am almost 16 weeks pregnant. I really thought the gagging over food part was over and done with, but no it's still here. HATE IT.

The weather has been SO cold in the morning. Love it but hate it because it's hard to get out of bed. Speaking of getting out of bed I have been rolling out of bed around 6:30am everyday. I love getting up early and taking a long shower, reading my bible and maybe start some laundry before Emma Jane gets up. Because once she is up, the day is in full swing of go, go, go!

What have you been up to????


Chrissy said...

Love that ladybug pic! Really cute! We love going to the pumpkin patch as well! Leonie is crazy about the pony rides there! Like those hairclips!

Mandi said...

i've been doing the same thing with the early-rising thing! your version sounds a bit more relaxed, though. i've been working out and doing laundry and then the shower thing. it is nice just to have some time before the day starts. to feel like i've gotten stuff done before ezra gets up! miss you! can't believe your already 16 weeks preggers!

Joni Roscoe said...

lovely handcrafts..balancing the family life with business is something that most business opportunities promise..