Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love God, Love Others

So I LOVE that my husband takes Emma to the park. Not because he has to, but because he likes to. It really is precious. Even when she cries because she wants to do everything on her own. Poor kid.

My family is so important to me. I am so glad to be part of something that has so much love and comfort. I pray DAILY that I raise children who care for others no matter what. To love God with all their heart, no matter what. I know it's important to get good grades and what not, but right now I am praying that my children have a love for God and others. I think we put so much pressure on our kids, that we forget what life is about. Yes, we should do our best. But my best as a child was getting B's, maybe a few A's in there. ( like in art and P.E) So again I am praying that my children love God and love others first and I would like to think that after that things just fall into place? So I encourage you, if you haven't thought about it, to pray for your children daily!!!

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Chrissy said...

She is adorable! And - you are right - loving and respecting others comes first!