Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craft Time!

This week I am REALLY hoping to make some homemade Christmas decor for the house. These are the two things I really want to make. I have a weird obsession with felt lately. You can do so much with it and it's so cheap! Both of these were made out of felt. AMAZINGLY CUTE!

What are you working on for the Holidays????


Haley said...

LOVE those owl ornaments!! SO adorable, I would LOVE to make some with u.. they look like fun! Mayb I should do a crafty tree this year.. I have saturday off, you wanna make xmas ornaments all day?? :o) We should make garland out of buttons too! oh oh oh!
ps. good news about us not being on fb ryt now is Im going crazy with the blogger comments! :o)

Jaime Leigh said...

Love the owls...super cute!!!