Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time to Complain

I am ready to see Allie Jo.

I am tired of being tired.

I am SO ready to get back to running. I feel HUGE and out of shape BIG time. I miss be able to workout for an hour and feel good after.

I miss my jeans.

Being pregnant is wonderful, trust me. It's worth it. But the second time around seems a lot different then the first.

I just had to complain some. Thanks for listening. I will be back with some fun and positive things because today is my Birthday!!! Big 26!!!


Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful day!

Sandy from TN said...

Ihope you had a wonderful birthday. It is so hard being tired all the time and trying to keep up with all of your responsibilities.My #5 is 18 months old,I am still behind on the housework from expecting him! That was 2 years ago! I felt guilty for putting the tv on for my little ones. They were so understanding. When birthdays rolled around that year one of my older daughters baked the cakes. Enjoy! I know you are. I think it is ok to say,hey,I am TIRED!