Friday, January 7, 2011


I have been wondering how I am going to manage with two kids.  How will I get things done?  Sleep?  Gym time?  Time for EACH kid.

I have been day dreaming of where we are going to live. (Still in Michigan, no worries!) Right now we are in a 2 bedroom home.  It's been a GREAT house, but we need to get something bigger.  We just started the process of searching.  Possibly buying again?  Who knows.

I have been working on new ideas for Everyday Lovelys   My little craft business.  You can follow my blog HERE.

I have been potty training Emma Jane.  It's a tough job.  Pooping is our issue right now.  I could write all day about how excited I get if she "almost" poops in the toilet.  I wish there was a Potty Fairy that would sprinkle magic potty dust on our kids at night to magically make them potty trained. book?

Searching for a toddler bed for Emma's new room.  Allie will need her bed.  And I am in LOVE with this cute room!  Mainly the color of the bed.  So I am on the hunt for a bed to re-paint and look fab!

                                                     What have you been doing lately???

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Mandi said...

don't forget to remind emma jane that she can call a princess if she goes poopy on the potty!