Saturday, March 5, 2011

37 weeks

Can I get a woot woot???

It's 1:33 am and I can't sleep.  Why? Back pain like NO OTHER.
It all started yesterday in the late morning.  I think I over did it at a Mom to Mom Sale where I found a BRAND NEW Ikea toddler bed and mattress for $40!  I was thrilled.  SO thrilled.  But anyways.....back to back pain. I was  chasing Emma, bending down to put things BACK that Emma took from tables all while trying to dodge dress up clothes since that is all she wants to wear lately, etc. ( and I somehow managed to carry a mattress through the parking lot with the help of Emma Jane)  Mr. Hipster thinks other wise.  He thinks Allie Jo is on her way, and soon.
The guessing game begins.
I had terrible back labor with Emma.  But I don't really remember much of it so I am not sure what to expect at the moment and this pregnancy has been 100% different then the first.  
All I know is that the heating pad is my best friend.

At the moment I REALLY want Allie to stay put.  At least until March 17.  That is when Grammy Wilson arrives.  (If you are reading this Grammy, cross your fingers and say your prayers....or maybe switch for an earlier flight out to Michigan.)

Well....back to my heating pad and stuffing my face with apples.  Yum.

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