Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 I am sitting on my couch drinking my protein shake while I recoup from my first REAL day of the Insanity workout.  Yes, it really is insane. I think I am too for doing it!

Yesterday was the fit test and it wasn't as bad as today.

Today kicked my butt.  I am going to be honest, I had to stop the DVD 5 min before it ended because I thought my toast was going to come back up.  No bueno.  I have heard that people actually do throw up from this workout.  It reminds me of the Biggest Loser (even though I don't watch it anymore because there is so much DRAMA!)  People are always throwing up on that show!  I didn't want to throw up this morning, who does? So I pushed the stop button.  You are probably wondering why in the world am I doing this?  Well no one really tells you how hard it is to lose weight after the second baby.  The weight kinda just wants to stick around this time.  So I am doing whatever it takes to jump start my body's metabolism into high gear!  So Insanity here I come.  1 day down, 59 to go!

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katie said...

Good luck, Girlie. I'm still trying to lose the last 5-8 pounds of weight from my 3rd and that was from 3 years ago. It just won't come off and it is driving me nuts! I'm ready to get super hard core.