Monday, May 9, 2011

A little bit of MY DAY

So I forgot to get a cute picture of my girls and I on Mother's Day.  Oh well.  But it was a fantastic day!  Went to church, out to lunch with my family and Mr. Hispters parents.  Then we went to Lowes where I got to pick out flowers to plant out front! I LOVE planting flowers! After Lowes I took a fantastic little nap, planted flowers and then went for a run that night.  Mr. Hipster also got me a Mothers necklace with the girls names on it.  BUT it didn't make it on time for Mothers Day, so I will post a picture when I get it.  Pretty excited about it though!

 Allie watching mommy plant flowers

 Yes, Mr. Hispter SHAVED his head.  Hoping this is  a phase. 

Best Friends

I LOVE being a mom.  Yes, it can get crazy.  There are days where I question myself as a mom.  Days where I want to cry in the corner.  BUT all the good days outweigh the bad days.  I love my girls and I am so blessed to have them in my life!

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Melissa said...

oh mickey i love the pics! i agree that i hope this is a micheal phase! you need to frame the pic of emma and oscar!!