Monday, May 2, 2011

Some fun with Emma

If you come over to our house, you will most likely find Emma in a swimsuit.  I think she is ready for summer.  As am I! But you won't catch me in my swimsuit when you come over.  Not a pretty sight at the moment!

I try to do a craft of some sort with Emma everyday.  Today we made tulips, it was a mess. You start running out of ideas after awhile and I had a lot of tissue paper left over, so we used some of that.

And then we went to find bugs.  She loves bugs.  Her favorite thing is to roll the rocks away and pick them up.  She calls worms "No feet"  If you have ever watched the show Little Bear on TV, the snakes name is No Feet.  So anything that looks like a snake is called No Feet.

So far it's been a good day and it's  almost nap time!  WOOT WOOT!


katie said...

Oh how I miss nap time! She is precious and I love that she wearing her swim suit all of the time!

Melissa said...

so stinkin' cute!