Saturday, June 4, 2011

The latest....

This little girl is just too cute.  Look at those cheeks!  I thought it was going to be hard to love another little girl, but no.... it sure is possible!

Today I think we will spend most the day outside relaxing by the kiddie pool while Emma swims, Allie lays in the shade and maybe I will soak up some sun.  I am one of those pale moms and I for sure could use some sun on my legs!

Mr. Hipster had a birthday this week.  He is now 28!  Lame old me didn't take any pictures though.  UG.

Tomorrow we are heading out for another "VACATION".  We are heading to Detroit after church to spend the afternoon with some family and go boating.  Then on Monday we are going to the Detroit Zoo!  I love going to the zoo, it's so magical! Especially with little kiddos.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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katie said...

Have a wonderful time away. Sounds like a perfect way to spend time together!