Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 ( love Chads face in the background)

We have been busy.
Packing with a baby and a toddler is INSANE. I got two boxes packed today (high five!)
Allie went swimming for her first time and LOVED IT.  She practically fell asleep in the pool.
And Emma is becoming less afraid of swimming.  She is starting to come out of her fear, which she didn't have last year AT ALL.  Not sure what brought it on.  Thankfully she starts swim lessons next week, maybe that will help some!
Allie is sitting in a bumbo pretty well as of yesterday.  Pretty darn cute!
And Emma went bowling for her first time this week too. She rocked it. She keeps asking me when we will be going back.  
And Mr. Hipster has hair again.  Praise the heavens.  Remember when he was bald? No bueno. Yaay for hair! 
I have been running more outside and REALLY liking it.  I never enjoyed running outside in the past.    I never realized how relaxing it is!  Once the kids go to bed I love grabbing my ipod and listening to some great tunes while I run.  So my goal is to run outside at least 3 time a week!  

Well, that's about it for now! 


Andrea Neudorf said...

Good for you for running! Thats an awesome that I have yet to achieve;) Dontcha just love the bumbo?

Cory & Megan said...

you should look into buying emma a life jacket! We bought one for luke because he was so scared of the pool this year - which I was SO not prepared for. Anyway, he thinks he is the king now because he can "swim and my head not go under!"

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

she has a vest. HATES IT. Wore it once because her cousin was wearing it and was floating EVERYWHERE, but now she won't wear it. Stubborn.

pollydove said...

Oh dear, McCall and I could use a little bit of your love for running! That Disney marathon ... so not going to happen for me. :(

LOVE that bumbo and babies in a pool! So cute!

Melissa said...

love the pictures!!!