Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scissors vs. Emma

It happened.  I wasn't prepared for this day.  AT ALL.  Here's the story.

It was Halloween night.  Mike and I decided to let Emma sleep over at Drams and Poppio's with her cousin Ezra.  Usually when Emma sleeps over she sleeps in Drams bed with her.  They both love it.  This time we had her sleep in the Grandkids room with Ezra.  They each have their own bed in there.  Usually Emma will try to chat with Ezra til 10pm.  This time they fell asleep quick.  WOO HOO! Progress right?  HA.  In the middle of the night Emma Jane snuck down stairs and found scissors and did some damage on her locks.  Auntie Mandi heard little Emma coming back up the stairs and into her room once again around 6 am.  Mandi then went into the room to check on Emma. Mandi found Emma with the  covers pulled over her head.  Mandi pulled the blankets back and Emma was holding the scissors.  Being so early, Mandi scooped Emma Jane up and took her to her bed where they both went back to sleep.  Once they woke up, Mandi saw the damage that was done.  She sent me a text with a picture of the damage.  I cried.   A LOT.  I was so scared to see my little girls hair.  Praise the heavens we can make a side pony tail still to cover up the damage.  

We laugh about it now.  She is a sight to see in the morning and after bath time.



katie said...

OH MY GOODNESS. She is so cute that it doesn't matter. The side ponytail works perfectly!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness!!! The side ponytail looks adorable and I'm sure she'll be wearing that for a while now. We have all been there!