Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ice Camp/Running/Mom stuff

I did a lot of sitting by the fire and drinking amazing hot chocolate this weekend.  We took the Elevate Students to Bair Lake Camp to do some "out doorsy" winter stuff.   So much fun.  Maybe I will post more pictures...or even a sweet video!

I have been running A LOT.  Never thought I would run past 3 miles, but I am going to brag.  I ran 5 miles yesterday.  FIVE.  Insane I tell you.  Still debating if I should run a half marathon.  13 miles is a lot  of stinking miles to run. I will say running more miles is getting easier..but again 13 miles is crazy.

As Allie Jo is getting older (she is already 10 months)  the house takes a lot longer to clean or even keep up with sometimes.  Emma Jane wants me to play with her a lot lately as well.  Imagining we are cats who live in the play closet and find food is the new thing to do.  Sometimes we have a cat fight...it's pretty hilarious.  As I was playing cats with her this morning, I started to get emotional about it because she is going to out grow this phase, just like all her other phases.  But this phase is different because she wants me in it.  So forget those dishes and laundry...I am playing cats all day!  And Allie enjoys playing as well.  She is the "alley cat" who lives in the tunnel.  HA

Have a great day friends.
Enjoy your kiddos.


Lauren said...

You are such a cute mom!

Mamasita said...

Love it!!!!
We had our first "big girl" ECFE class today (called "Terrific Two's") and it was SUCH A BLAST to be able to sit and play with my little girl :)
Being a mama is the BEST!
Have a wonderful day!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

5 miles...I'm super impressed. I can't get past 3!

Mandi said...

i TOTALLY had one of those moments last night! michael and i were just talking about ezra and i started crying just thinking that he is probably not going to want to wrestle with me and give me kiss attacks when he's sixteen...at least i hope not...that would be kind of weird...but...he WANTS to play with me now...i LOVE it.

Dreya said...

love everything about this post....

1) you :)
2) hot chocolate and fires
3) ice CAMP
4) elev8
5) EJ and AJ <3