Monday, January 2, 2012

my's about to get personal folks

I believe that if you don't share what you want to change, it will be hard to accomplish that change you want to make.  You need support and encouragement.  

My hardest goal on my list is the half marathon.  Oh boy.  I believe my body can do it(sometimes).  Hard to imagine running 13 miles.  I am giddy if I run 3.  
Ya, I have some training to do for sure.

The most time consuming is my lovely little homemade business, my etsy shop.
I have a lot of vision and projects on my mind.
Hard to balance being a mom, wife and crafter.
Wish I was a night owl, this would solve a lot of problems. ha

The one I am looking forward to the most is date nights.  We were REALLY good there for awhile about going on a date once a month(sometimes TWICE!), but we got busy.
So look out central Michigan.  The hottest couple in down is about to tear it up.  
Ummm more like going out to dinner and then walking around Target with out kids.  
Pure joy.


Stephanie said...

K girl, good idea posting it...gonna steal it...maybe we can be accountability partners, lol...

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I need to write down my goals like that. I did it about 2 years ago, but kept the paper in a drawer and never revisited it throughout the year. I love your goals! Go for it!

Dreya said...

love it ! so glad you are my friend .... you bless me, Mickarooney and Cheese :D

About Us said...

I love em! But...we live in southwest Michigan, not central. So how about we tear up SOuthwest Michigna cause I dont want to drive to central....

Michael Elkins said...

Also, your comment about leaving Mike notes the way it is split up it looks like it says, "Leaving Mike" HAHAHA. I thought that was funny.