Saturday, February 18, 2012

she grows up and goes on vacation!

Well folks, Emma Jane is on vacation with her Drams and Poppio in Indiana for the weekend visiting her cousin Ezra.
When she left yesterday I was a mess.  You would think I was pregnant or something because of how emotional I was about her leaving.  Yes, we have been apart before.  I am all for sleepovers at Drams and Poppios.  But this was different for some reason.  She seemed so much older and excited to leave me! UG. My heart was hurting for a good hour or so after she left.

Allie and I have been laying around and playing together. with one child is much more mellow.  I don't even know what to do with myself at times.

Today has been much better though.  I know Emma is having a blast swimming and spending time with her favorite cousin..well only cousin.  Great memories are being made.

And I think I might take a nap now while Allie is napping.  WOO HOO!