Thursday, September 13, 2012

Instagram Thursdays!

I love how simple instagram is.
So I am going to start sharing my week(s) with my Instagram photos.

Love running outside.  I never really enjoyed it much but it's relaxing and quiet where I live, so that helps. 
There is just something awesome about running and looking at what God created for us to enjoy.

Oh Allie has melt downs, A LOT! This was over fruit snacks.
I have come to learn to ignore her melt downs.
Sometimes I laugh at her though.

Oh a picture of me.
With my fav ear rings on my way to MOPS.

Best cupcake ever!!! Coffee, not so much. But it didn't matter because the cupcake was to die for! 
Mint Chocolate cupcake to be exact.  

Who doesn't like little naked, fresh, clean babies? 
(if I wasn't a mom, this would sound super creepy

I am having an awesome week.
I hope you are too.

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