Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Baby Shower!

Today will be my first baby shower for baby Elkins! Or as we have been calling it "cletus the fetus" since we still do not know what we are having. Hopefully next week we will find out! But we are having a gift card shower, which will be SO helpful since I flew out from Florida! I will not have to worry about hauling everything back.

So last night I "think" i felt the baby kick. Not 100% sure! But it definately didn't feel like gas! I was laying in bed just holding my belly and below my belly button(where the baby is currently living ) and my hand moved up a little. I was like WOW, what the. So I moved my hands around and it happened about 3 more times! I was frozen with shock! So then it stopped and I kinda poked my belly and it happened again! It was really cool. So again, I "think" it was the baby! I am going to say that it was! I really wish Mike could of been there. I called him and told him about the amazing kicks and he was excited. I am ready to head back to Florida to see my hubs and Lola, my dog.

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McCall said...

I'm so sorry I was kinda a dud at your shower. I feel bad! I hope it was fun though. And I'm excited for the pics to come. Have a safe flight!!! And hope to see you sooner than 4 years. ;)