Monday, August 4, 2008

1 John 5

So since I am going back to school( teaching 6th grade), this means I have to get up early!  My goal is to wake up around 6 am and have time to do my devotions in the morning.  SO, to keep me going I am going to hopefully write every morning what I read!! So this morning I finished up my reading in 1 John. GREAT book, read it sometime.  But there were 2 verses that jumped out at me.  Verses 14 and 21.  God tells us in verse 14 that if we ask Him for anything in line with HIS will we can have the confidence He will listen to us.  Sometimes I think what I want is HIS will. But really it is just my will.  So I believe it's very important to be in God's will.  Basically God's will for everyone is to do what you know from the Bible.  If you aren't doing what the Bible says, you are not in God's will.  So I think it's a daily prayer to stay focused on what is right.  The second verse talks about staying away from anything that might take God's place in your heart.  SO many thing pop into mind that have taken place of God in my life.  Again, I think it's so important to pray that your mind is totally fixed on God.  If this happens, life can be so much easier because God is fully in control!!  Have a great day!!!!

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Melissa said...

Good morning! Thank you for the tid bit! When do you head back to school?