Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Day

Life is so short if you think about it.  We only have one shot each day to live a Godly day. We can't go back yesterday and fix anything. It's the past and each day we get closer and closer to kicking the bucket. Crazy concept!  BUT even when I do kick the bucket I know life isn't really over, but a new, eternal, everlasting life is about to begin. Now that's comforting!  I am starting 2 Peter this week.  If we grow in the knowledge of God He is going to give us everything we need for living a godly life.  What does a godly life look like?  self control, patience, loving other Christians, having a genuine love for others, understanding and knowing God better.  Just to name a few!!!

BABY EMMA UPDATE:  I can totally feel her moving all the time now, Mike can also feel her moving which is really awesome. Almost 22 weeks now!  Hopefully we will start working on her room in the next few weeks!  We have been given a lot of clothes which is SO awesome and a lot of kids books that we need to go through and organize.  Hopefully she will like to read! 

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Mandi said...

it's so amazing to feel your baby move! what's even more weird is that sometimes you feel phantom babies movin' in your belly after you have the baby. people told me it would happen and i thought they were weird, but omg! the first time it happened, i about crapped myself ("am i pregnant?! how could i already be this far along?") it's only happened a couple times. i think it's god's way of reminding us of the good things about being pregnant so we'll do it again.