Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birth Mom continued.....

So....I called my birth mom, Alma again last night but no one was home so I left a message.  She called me today though.  She is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever spoken to.  So today I was able to ask more questions. Here are a few things we talked about:

1. Health history- She was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  She has asthma and so does one of my brothers.  Her mom and dad died at an early age, but her dad died in a fire in the navy and her mom had a  bad seizure (spelling) and fell down some stairs. VERY sad.  She was then raised by her grandmother who she looks up to because she took her to church as a young girl and taught her everything. As for my birth dad, she doesn't know anything about him. I will get to that here next.  One of my brothers has been getting blood clots in weird places so he has been going for tests with that.  But other than that, they are all great. So I was happy to hear that.

2. My birth dad-  Alma's ex-husband cheated on her and got someone else pregnant. Alma was all about making things right because she didn't believe in divorce, but he ended up divorcing her.  So she was engaged to another man later on but called off the wedding. She then met my "birth dad" and made a one night mistake.  She did not know that he was married because he never said anything or wore a wedding ring. SO once he found out she was pregnant he told her he could drive her to California to get an abortion. She refused and went a long with having me.  She was poor and was single and she knew she could not support me and my brothers.  So she decided to go with adoption.  

3. What does she do now - Well, again she gets by and is very happy with what she does.  She loves people and loves talking to them so she is a Walmart greeter in Salt Lake City somewhere.  She absolutely loves it.  Again, she is the nicest, most outgoing, down to earth lady I think I have spoken with in a long time. So it fits her well!  

We talked about other little things too, but those 3 are the main questions we talked about.  

Once I get some pics of her and my brothers I will scan them into the computer and post them! that will be interesting!!!


Melissa said...

OMG! HOW Stinkin Exciting! I can't wait to see the pics! It's cool to have a relationship with one mom, but God has blessed you with two moms!

Mandi said...

my heart was beating so fast while reading that! have you considered giving emma your birth mom's name? maybe switching emma for alma? or maybe calling her emma jane alma elkins? i think that is so cute! that would be kind of a neat way to honour your birth mother for making a VERY honourable decision! are you considering meeting her?