Friday, August 15, 2008

My Birth Mom

So I have been searching for my birth mom and this week we found her!!!!! She still lives in SLC, Utah.  Last night we were able to reach her finally at home.  It was AMAZING! Michael called and talked to her and she was so THRILLED! She asked to speak with me and I just started crying!  She's a sweet and funny lady.  She has brown hair and freckles as well!  My 2 big brothers were at her house also when we called. Their names are Mark and Dennis. BROTHERS! I have Brothers!  We talked for about 15 min or so.  She said she always thinks of me on my birthday and throughout the year and always looked in the phone book under Wilson in Sandy, Utah.  Ah, I just can't believe it. She wants to keep in contact too and hopefully meet sometime when I am back in Utah.  Today I am getting a lot of pictures of me throughout my life and I am sending them to her. She will also send me pics of her and my brothers. SO EXCITED! I might actually look like someone!  God is just so amazing. I couldn't ask for a better birth mom.  Before we hung up last night she kept saying "Call me anytime, I love you. Call me anytime, I love you." That just made me bawl.  What my birth mom did was amazing. She gave me such a GREAT family.  If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be where I am today.  

I will keep you posted! I am calling her tonight because I have so many more questions that I didn't ask because I was on cloud nine last night!!!!!


McCall said...

Michelle! Congrats! I thought you weren't looking for her? What a great surprise that you've found her and have brothers!!!

Melissa said...

How stinkin' exciting!!! I can't wait to see if you guys look like each other and how much your personalities are alike. God is sooo good! What a cool blessing! Love and miss you!

Paul & Amy said...

Michelle & Michael - This is Amy (Cross) McCombie - Dawn gave me your blog address. What a terrific story! It is truly amazing. Loved reading it. Congrats on your pregnancy!!