Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our New Family Member- Oscar

So, we have been looking for another dog since May and we found the perfect one! (So far he has been perfect!)  His name is Oscar, he is 2 years old and he is a terrier mix. I think he is part Corgi(spelling?).   He's is SO sweet and cuddly like Lola. They play a lot and lay around together also.  Apparently he likes to sleep under the bed, which is fine because 2 dogs in a bed would be a little much. So that worked out really well.  He needs a hair cut so we are taking him on Saturday to get that done. His hair is really weird though, it's similar to a pot belly big and a terrier.  It's strange but really cute. Mike is the one who found him at an animal shelter here in Sanford. His previous owners are missionaries and they couldn't take him to the field with them.  We took him to the dog park today and he just loved it. He gets along with all dogs and people too.  Here are some pics of this handsome little guy!

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Melissa said...

he looks like he'll fit right into the family!