Monday, September 29, 2008

7 Months and Oscars new hair cut

So I am 7 months pregnant, or 29 weeks if you want the weeks! So thrilled!  Tomorrow we are getting 4D pics of Emma! I pray she is healthy and that her hands are not in her face!  Each time we have done an ultrasound she is sucking on her fingers! So I am hoping we can get some good pics!    Emma's room is coming along well.  I made her name for the wall but it's not up yet.  Still need to make some wall decor, but we will see what we get from our shower on the 11th.

And here is a new picture of Oscar and his hair cut.  He looks much better!  He's a funny dog and we just love him!

And if you haven't seen the movie "Fireproof," SEE IT!!!!!!!! It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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Melissa said...

You look amazing!!!