Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Emma Jane Elkins

So here is our little girl! Emma Jane Elkins! Oh I can't wait to meet this tiny person who is growing inside of me.  God is so amazing in so many ways!  I can't believe how far technology has come!!!  But again we are thrilled to meet Emma! Only 2ish more months!!!! WE LOVE YOU EMMA! 


Jason said...

This is such a cool picture! I can't believe yall, Jon(tell him I called him that) and Laura, and Marcus and Ashlee are all going to have 3 lil babies attempting to crawl around, that's crazy!!

Melissa said...

I love it that every time you say Emma's name you have to say Emma Jane you would give her a different last name then yours...!!! :o) Love you, miss you wish I was there to go shopping with you!!!

McCall said...

So, I was just re-looking at this picture. SO CUTE! Does she have hair or is that just a shadow?