Monday, October 13, 2008

Fear Not!

So it really hit me that I am having a baby!  FEAR came over me Saturday night. Not a fear as in "what do I do with a baby," but the fear of delivering Emma.  So many things can go wrong, and it's scary.  Im trying to prepare as much as I can by getting advice from other moms, breathing exercises and relaxing exercises, but will I be ready in 2 months?!? I read this amazing verse yesterday and it totally went along with how I have been feeling about "fear"
- 2 Tim. 1:7 says: " For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline."  AMAZING verse! God did not create us to fear anything, because fear can cause so many problems! Anxiety, depression and make you an emotional roller coaster!  
As the 2 months come to a close for my pregnant self, I am praying that God takes this fear away and replace it with contentment.  Contentment as in whatever happens at birth, C-section, natural or 48 hours of labor is what God had in mind and He knows best.  It's kinda like  any wedding. You plan and plan and did everything turn out right? NO. Sure didn't. There were little things that didn't happen or work out. Just like childbirth.  You can plan and plan on how you want it to go, but things happen that can change what YOU wanted.  In the end, no matter how I deliver Emma Jane, she will be here!  I can not wait!!!


Matt Holbrook said...

At least it hit you two months prior to the birth. It became a very scary reality to me about one week before he was born. That was a stressful week. heh.

Mandi said...

i'm so glad you are dwelling on this verse. a thought that brought peace of mind and spirit when i would start to let fear grip me was to remind myself that michael and i had given our baby to god and that god loves our baby more than we could ever love him. that is such a huge relief when i remind myself of that even to this day! i am so excited for you and continue to pray for you! much love!