Friday, October 24, 2008

What's New?

I REALLY enjoy the weekends!  Teaching all week really wears me out so I really look forward to Saturdays!  Tomorrow we are taking some of our stuff to a garage sale to hopefully sale and make some money!  
Emma's room is coming along. We organized her closet tonight which was a huge thing! She has so many clothes that still need to be washed and put away though!  But we got all her books and organizational closet thingy up, so it will be easier now to put things away in the correct place.  
We also got her stroller, which Mike put together SO quick and was pushing it all around the house! He loves putting these things together!  
Here is one of Emma's walls in her room.  I REALLY love these pics!

My mom got her results back from the doctor, and she doesn't have cancer again! If you didn't know, my mom had breast cancer and went through radiation this past year and this month she went for her check up and they found something similar to last time.  So she had a biopsy and they called her today with the great news! We are all so so so thankful! God is truly amazing!  Remember, this month was breast cancer awareness month! Get checked out!


Melissa said...

I love the cute pics on Emma Jane Elkins wall! Where did you get them? So happy for your mom and that situation! Those are the results we prayed nice when God answers prayer!!
Love and miss you!

Jason said...

Cool stuff about the room, I just hope and pray you're not as eccentric in silly stuff as some parents are :-)

Good stuff about your mom! Don't forget, Mike, I'm going to complete your fun weekend and call you!