Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Week

So, Emma was born almost a week ago.  Tonight it will be a week and I just can't believe how much she has already changed.  My favorite thing is to see her smile at me.  Oh, it's just amazing.  I really don't know how people deny God and who He is.  He created a HUMAN in my belly!!! How freaking awesome is that?! Not only that, but He allowed me to be a mom to Emma!  Blows my mind still.  Last night Emma slept amazing! Usually she will only eat a little, get fussy, eat some more and not sleep! Last night she ate like mad and went right back to bed every 3 hours, and one time it was 4 hours! Hopefully this cycle keeps going!

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Mandi said...

being a parent is truly the most uniquely awesome experience of my life. i've never experienced anything like it ever! it's just such a privilege to watch a life take shape! so glad to hear emma is doing well for you sleeping and eating, etc! i cannot wait to meet her! oh, and i see a bit of michael in her in this photo. that's the first time i've noticed any of him in her! love you all!