Monday, December 1, 2008

The Holidays!

I really can not believe that it is December! It's harder to grasp this fact when you live in Florida and you can go outside with a light jacket and jeans!  BUT it is December!  Mike put up the tree and we got all of the decorations out! I also put some lights up in the windows.  I think we are the only family so far in our neighborhood with lights up! 

Today Emma goes to her 2 week doctor visit.  Hopefully she has gained a little weight, because she is so little!  She will also be getting shots, not looking forward to that.  

I am going to brag about my husband....because he is seriously amazing!! He has helped me out so much.  Like yesterday, after church he just started cooking and even made cookies for the neighbors!!!! He is like SUPER DAD or something.  He really helps out a lot and always checks up on Emma and I while he is at work! LOVE YOU MIKE!!


Jason said...


Haley said...

ooooo, what a great guy!! I wish you guys we're closer, especially around the holidays!!

Give lil' emma some kisses from Anney Haley!

Mandi said...

oooohhhh! i wish i could hold lil' emma! i miss you all so much! keep your peepers peeled over the next week or two. there may be a special lovey gift from anni manni! give kisses to everyone (even it...find a mirror and just do it...!) love you!

Melissa said...

How precious! Sounds like you are all adjusting quite well!! Wish I was there!

McCall said...

Don't's not snowing in Utah either...might as well live in FL. Ha. Love that bebe!