Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Biggest Loser

I love the show The Biggest Loser. It is so wild how these people lose weight so quick and how much their bodies change. I was at the gym last night on the treadmill(my worst thing to do) running and I was thinking how these contestants on The Biggest Loser run for 2 hours or more! I can't even do that! I am thrilled if I run 2-3 miles! This is SAD! Very SAD! All I wanted to say was that this show has inspired Mike and I to be more healthy in our daily lives!


Mandi said...

sweet! i LOVE that show too! i use it in my classes to get people to work harder! i'll be like: "ok, i watch biggest loser and those big ol' folks are doing harder stuff than you are right now! push it, folks!" and they always laugh and kick it up a notch! so funny!

Mandi said...

and, umm...tara handed everyone their butts last night (even though she didn't lose a lot of weight.) she is a machine!

Jen said...

Ha, you are so funny...I freaking love that show! And my favorite part is when the contestants tell the people at home to get off the couch and go to the gym and I just laugh because I still totally sit on my fat pregnant butt and watch all two hours!